Extraction of the balloon

The extraction is a technically difficult procedure which must be performed:

  • Under general anesthesia with tracheal intubation
  • Under endoscopic control using the kits supplied by the manufacturers as first intention
  • In the endoscopy room with equipment for monitoring vital functions and a respirator
  • By professionals having received specific training in a referral center already practicing these procedures.
After the extraction procedure:
  • An endoscopic examination to check there is no gastric or esophageal lesion is necessary.
  • The patient is seen about the 15th day by a member of the multidisciplinary team. After that the follow-up must be multidisciplinary according to the methods defined in the recommendations for the treatment of the obese adult.
Preparation, release & extraction of the intra-gastric balloon
  • Refer to the User’s Manual attached to this leaflet

Instructions for use