The intra-gastric balloon occupies a volume of the stomach causing a feeling of satiety and a reduction in food intake. The treatment must be combined with dietary and behavioural management.

  • Non chirurgical : Insertion by an endoscopic procedure
  • Characteristics : Non-sterile, single use only, biocompatible, radio-opaque filled with air and water
  • Expected weight loss : The expected weight loss at 6 months is in the order of 34% of the excess weight, which corresponds to a weight loss of about 16 kg. A clinical study* gives information on the maintenance of weight loss over time after extraction of the balloon
  • Duration of treatment : 6 months maximum
  • Average duration of the operation :
    • Insertion 15 minutes (under general anaesthetic with or without intubation)
    • Extraction 15 minutes (under general anaesthetic with intubation)
  • Average duration of the hospitalisation : As a day case or short hospitalisation for the insertion. As a day case for the extraction.
  • Indications : Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than or equal to 28 kg /m2, before bariatric surgery for the “super obese” (BMI higher than 50 kg /m2)
* GALINDO -VALENTIN : 5 years experience of end-ball® intragastric balloon in a private center

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