Principal complications

Complications are generally moderate :

  • abdominal pain, nausea, frequent vomiting in the early days that could lead to hypokalaemia
  • déhydratation
  • spontaneous deflation of the balloon
  • oesophageal reflux
  • gastric ulcer
  • oesophagitis
Severe complications are rare : Gastric perforation (0.1% to 0.2%)
  • migration of the balloon leading to intestinal obstruction (0.2% to 0.8%)
  • incarceration or oesophageal rupture during extraction
Failure : About 30% of patients do not achieve significant weight loss (
Restriction of activity : It is strictly forbidden for the patient to go scuba diving or fly in an unpressurised aircraft. Practising combat or extreme sports is also not recommended.

Patient Follow-Up