Presentation of the product

END BALL® is a non-surgical, temporary intra-gastric balloon system for the treatment of obesity.

Our device provides an appropriate solution for experienced gastroenterologists, anxious to offer a solution to patients suffering from obesity.  The technical innovations for this new implant are aimed at improving patient quality of life, whilst reducing the risks linked to the device.

The operation involves filling a balloon in the stomach with air and physiological liquid. The volume occupied promotes satiety and weight loss.  After inflation, the balloon acts as a dead volume.

This non-sterile, single use device is made up of:

1. An intra-gastric balloon system ENDT110

  • An intra-gastric balloon (radio-opaque), a single pouch (air and liquid) in polyurethane pre-connected to the introduction system
  • An introduction system

2. Accessories (separate packaging)

  • 1 x 50 ml sterile, single use syringe
  • A filling kit ENDAC01 single use
  • 1 single use extraction kit ENDAC03 composed of:
    • 1 hollow drainage needle (sclerosis type), PUNC- reference AS264106
    • 1 universal bi-conical connector for the connection between the drainage needle and the aspiration ENDAC02
    • 1 pair of extraction forceps (with hooks), VIPER – reference AS2290718

Instructions for use